Capsule Manufacturing

The NutraSeller team makes it easy to manufacture your own nutritional capsule. We employ cutting-edge technology, rigorous quality control, and a commitment to client satisfaction, ensuring a superior and reliable supply of your brand’s inventory.

Learn About the Dietary Capsule Manufacturing Process

Capsule Formulation
Dietary capsules require specialized formulation, and at NutraSeller Manufacturing, we are here to assist. We factor in desired ingredients, dosage form, and the unique needs of your target market for the ideal capsule formulation.
Capsule Ingredient Sourcing
At NutraSeller Manufacturing, we understand the unique formulation requirements of dietary capsules. Our expert team sources premium raw materials and handles specialized packaging to provide you with high-quality finished capsule products.
Quality Control
Ensuring the highest quality standards is a top priority at NutraSeller Manufacturing, and capsules are no exception. Our facilities are all cGMP compliant and FDA registered. We test all materials to ensure they are free of heavy metals and microbials. We verify all ingredients' with HPLC/HPTLC for identity, purity, and potency.
Quality Assurance
Our dedicated quality assurance team conducts thorough inspections and tests throughout manufacturing to ensure your finished product is perfect.
Capsule Powder Blending and Mixing
Once the ingredients pass our quality control checks, they proceed to the blending stage. Our state-of-the-art blending equipment combines the ingredients in precise proportions to achieve homogeneity. Our technicians carefully monitor the blending process to guarantee uniform distribution and consistency.
Capsule Encapsulation
Capsule encapsulation involves filling a two-piece capsule with the blended powder ingredients. Capsules are then sealed, creating a delivery method for the blended active ingredients.
Capsule Polishing
Capsules undergo polishing using machines with brushes or buffing pads to remove imperfections.
Capsule Packaging
The finished capsules are filled into a bottle specific to its count, maintaining the proper storage conditions to preserve its quality and efficacy. The bottle accessories are assembled, including cap liner, cap, tamper seal, and label.
Labeling & Branding
The NutraSeller team will ensure that your product labels comply with regulatory requirements and accurately represent the ingredients in the product's contents.

Next Steps - PRIVATE LABELING Your Dietary Capsule Finished Product

In this step, our experts will first study your brand and competition. Then, they will assist you in formulating the active ingredients and choosing packaging components for your private label capsule product.
Pricing & Strategy
Based on our earlier discussion, we will price the job based on your requests. We may also give you similar alternate formulated dietary capsule product ideas to provide additional options.
Dietary Capsule Manufacturing
Once we receive a deposit, we rush to start manufacturing your dietary capsule product and get you a finished product as soon as possible.
Label Design & Compliance
We need printed labels immediately once we know our final active ingredient formulation. Labels should be pre-designed, approved for compliance, printed, and shipped to our facility before your dietary capsule product is ready for the packaging assembly line.
Dedicated Support
While manufacturing and printing your label, our team is here to help you and keep you updated every step of the way. Communication is a core value at NutraSeller, and we dedicate ourselves to providing you with transparent and timely information, ensuring that you have peace of mind throughout the entire process.
Shipping Your Finished Product
As soon as your dietary capsule finished product passes the final inspection, it is ready to ship to the storage location of your choice.
Strategizing Your Restock
Based on your sales projections, we proactively prepare the necessary components for manufacturing your next batch of dietary capsule finished products. Ensuring that your inventory is consistently well-stocked and meets your demand effectively.

Minimums & Average Turnaround Time For Dietary Capsule Manufacturing


Private label in-stock

100,000 capsules
2-4 weeks

Custom formula

300,000 capsules
6-8 weeks